Conditions Treated


Providing state-of-the-art intensive psychological services for adults, youth, and children:

Dr. Newman specializes in culturally and developmentally sensitive diagnostic assessment and in providing psychotherapy for individuals and for families, including parent-infant and parent-child therapies. Psychotherapy modalities include psychodynamic (psychoanalytic), interpersonal, and cognitive approaches. Psychotherapeutic treatment is available for a range of conditions and symptoms including:

  • depression and problems with mood (sadness, emptiness, blues, irritability)
  • anxiety (nervousness, worry, fears, rumination)
  • attachment relationship problems (e.g. parent-child or intimate partner)
  • body image and eating symptoms
  • traumatic events and memory disturbance
  • coping with stress or grief
  • distressing and unusual mental experiences, hallucinations
  • attention and learning problems
  • identity concerns (including gender and ethnic/racial identity)
  • difficulty feeling fulfilled or choosing a career path in life
  • adjustment to major life events and for role transitions (for example: parenting, post-partum depression, illness, grief, relocation, victimization, and adolescent crises).

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